Analysis of our lines and draw for the EuroMillions lottery 20th June 2008

by LotwinGuru 21. June 2008 12:25

Both our 'locked filters' came up plus the number set of 6 numbers for the 2nd ball in the draw (blue background) having all 5 numbers correct in just 97,512 lines (only 4.6% of all possible lottery combinations) for the EuroMillions draw ($68,000,000) of the 20th of June. We are using LotWin's lottery software in case you didn't know.

Euromillions Results 20 June 2008

Then I probably went a bit too far trying to halve this to 45,241 lines (2.135% of all lotto lines) by also adding a number set for the 1st ball.

You can see the filters and number sets here (an asterisk * in front of the selection indicates a locked filter, which means it has to come up).

We only had 1 of the bonus balls (3). My run on getting both bonus balls has dried up it seems. But I have to admit, due to other engagements in the last week or so, my meditation schedule leaves a lot to be desired.

Still the full set had 4 lines of 4+B plus 1 line of 4, 266 lines of 3/3+B and 1,545 lines of 2+B. Even with only 4 correct and 1 bonus the 'Optimum Reduction Max Returns' didn't let us down. It produced only 11 lines out of 45,241 with a win in line 8.

As there was no jackpot winner next week's draw is estimated at $90,000,000. The more LotWin users we have the more lottery lines we'll be playing (for free as always).

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