LotWin 2009 will be out any day now

by LotwinGuru 17. April 2009 10:46

It seemed very quiet in the last few months but I know the LotWin team have been working very hard adding new features in our favourite lottery software. I have been helping them with ideas and beta testing and the new version 'LotWin 2009' will be available in a few days.

Here's a preview of some of the new functionality added to the program: More...

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How to create your own filters using LotWin 'The' lottery software Part 2

by LotwinGuru 20. October 2008 12:49

If you haven’t read the first part of this post do it now.

We are going to use the EuroMillions lottery but the same principle applies to any lottery. Start by splitting the numbers of your lottery in to a few groups. How many groups you use is up to you but I would suggest 6 to 10 groups. So here are my 6 groups for EuroMillions:

Group 1: 1 3 7 11 12 19 37 50
Group 2: 2 13 22 30 31 34 42 43 48
Group 3: 3 9 14 15 21 25 44 45
Group 4: 4 6 8 10 26 29 36 41
Group 5: 5 16 27 35 38 40 47 49
Group 6: 17 18 20 24 28 32 33 39 46

Go to the ‘Number Filter’ in the main LotWin screen and double-click on ‘Number Sets’. In the first set select the Group 1 numbers and set ‘Include no more than 3 and at least 2’. Click ‘Next Set’ and select Group 2 numbers with the same settings ‘3 and 2’. Repeat for the rest of the Groups. Click OK and then click on ‘Options’ in the main screen and select ‘Accept entries which fail up to 4 and at least 4 number sets from 6’. That’s it, we have a new filter for EuroMillions in the form of 3-2-0-0-0 and here it is if you want to just copy and paste it in to LotWin using the ‘Line Builder’ menu option ‘Paste Filter Set’ More...

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Analysis of our lines and draw for the EuroMillions lottery 20th June 2008

by LotwinGuru 21. June 2008 12:25

Both our 'locked filters' came up plus the number set of 6 numbers for the 2nd ball in the draw (blue background) having all 5 numbers correct in just 97,512 lines (only 4.6% of all possible lottery combinations) for the EuroMillions draw ($68,000,000) of the 20th of June. We are using LotWin's lottery software in case you didn't know.

Euromillions Results 20 June 2008

Then I probably went a bit too far trying to halve this to 45,241 lines (2.135% of all lotto lines) by also adding a number set for the 1st ball. More...

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