LotWin 2010 Google Countdown

by LotwinGuru 16. December 2009 16:17

I don't know what strings the guys at LotWin had to pull but they managed to get Google to display a countdown for the release of the new version of their lottery software LotWin 2010 Lottery Line Builder.

To see it just go to Google and click 'I'm Feeling Lucky' with no text. More...


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Same numbers drawn in the lottery for 2 consecutive draws

by LotwinGuru 16. September 2009 17:09

The numbers 4 15 23 24 35 and 42 were drawn on September the 6th and September the 10th in 2 consecutive draws in the Bulgarian 6/42 lottery in draws 72 and 73. Who said lottery numbers don't repeat. Apparently there were only 18 people that played the same numbers again and shared the Jackpot.

As this Friday 18th of September the EuroMillions Jackpot is $145,000,000 I have 10 free entries for the members of my syndicate and one of them is More...

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LotWin 2009 will be out any day now

by LotwinGuru 17. April 2009 10:46

It seemed very quiet in the last few months but I know the LotWin team have been working very hard adding new features in our favourite lottery software. I have been helping them with ideas and beta testing and the new version 'LotWin 2009' will be available in a few days.

Here's a preview of some of the new functionality added to the program: More...

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