How to create your own filters using LotWin 'The' lottery software Part 1

by LotwinGuru 2. October 2008 15:33

Hi everyone it's nice to be back after the summer holidays. The financial situation is not as good as I would like it to be and I'm sure you had some worries over the last couple of months with the way things are going. I'm down telephone numbers on the value of my properties but at the end of the day it's only money and as we know 'money is not everything' and as we said in the first teaching “you don’t need money to be happy but you do need to be happy to make money”.

So let's be happy and appreciative of being on this planet; exploring all the physical things that it does provide us with and make some money to extend our experience on the physical, whilst at the same time we improve our consciousness and lower our entropy.

In our favourite lotto program, LotWin Lottery Line Builder, we have all sorts of Group filters, odd-even, low-high, consecutive, last digit, decades, dozens ... The User filters which I know many of you use quite often allow us to create our own filters similar to low-high format but how about if we wanted to have a new filter of our own similar to consecutives or decades where we can define groups like 3-2-0-0-0 or 2-2-1-0-0?

I have spoken to the LotWin team and they tell me that this is not possible as they have a different program that creates all these sets for each lottery and then add them to LotWin, otherwise it would have taken hours for each of them to be created real-time.

But as we have learned in the past everything is possible in the physical world, it is just that when people don't think it is that it becomes mystical or magical when it manifests.

So I set myself the task in the past month to find a solution. Twenty minutes meditation twice a day to clear the noise, double espresso in Ventimiglia or San Remo in the morning, lunch in Vilefrance-sur-Mer, Cannes or Saint Tropez, depending on the traffic on the A8 and ice-cream in Juan Le Pins in the evening, that's all it takes.

Finally the solution was there in front of my physical eyes. I could use the 'Number Sets' with the 'Advanced Build Options'. That was easy...

To be continued...

LotWin Guru

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