Increasing low to mid range returns in the lottery game – Part 3

by LotwinGuru 17. July 2008 22:23

If you haven’t read part 2 of this post do it now by clicking here.

So, how do we use LotWin the lottery software par excellence to get 2, 3 or 4 numbers to play? I thought LotWin only supported 5 and 6 ball lotteries.

That is true but the guys on the LotWin team have given us so many options that we can easily adjust the program to suit our game. The technique is really simple. Let’s illustrate it with an example for tonight’s Spanish La Primitiva lottery. The same applies for the UK’s 49’s lottery, the Daily lotto, Lunchtime lotto, Hotpicks, the bookmakers version of the Irish lotto (Lucky Clover), GB Lotto, etc... More...

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LotWin puts you in Control, not in a Wheel

by LotwinGuru 14. May 2008 12:49

Many lottery users searching for lottery software come across LotWin look at the price tag and run away or send emails to the LotWin team saying “how can you charge so much, I can buy this or that lottery program for only $50”.

This might seem a valid question to the average player at first glance but the average user cannot understand the difference of LotWin compared to any other lottery program. So I thought I will enlighten them (Guru, enlightenment, get it?)

Most lottery programs use a process called wheeling of which there  are many types that I will not go into details (full wheel, abbreviated, open…). That is if you select a group of numbers there is a subset of lines that will give you a certain guarantee of x correct if your numbers are correct in the first place. More...

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