Is lottery software a scam? Response to er876897 for my youtube video

by LotwinGuru 25. June 2008 15:18

I have put up some of the lottery videos for LotWin I created on youtube and below is one of the responses I have received. Youtube only allows 500 characters so I have moved all the text and my latest response below. The original youtube page is:

er876897 (22 hours ago)
haha what a scam, everyone whose watching this just give me $100 instead and i'll tell you what numbers to pick, your odds will be EXACTLY THE SAME of winning since the previous draws have absolutely NO EFFECT on what numbers will come in the future

lotwinguru (21 hours ago)
You obviously don't understand what the program is doing and your understanding of numbers is as good as those that believed that the earth is flat and in the centre of the universe. Evolution is slow; maybe that's a good thing... More...

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