The Magic of Optimum Reduction (you have to see this)

by LotwinGuru 23. June 2008 17:01

Even I'm amazed with what LotWin, our beloved lottery software, can do and I'm The Guru. Those folks at LotWin are damn clever.

I was trying some new techniques for EuroMillions in the last few weeks and I came across something amazing. We all know by now that O.R. (Optimum Reduction) in LotWin is a masterpiece but have a look at this new video and you will be shocked.

I start with over 100,000 lottery lines checked in the last 20 draws without 3 or 4 or 5 correct. After O.R. for just 2 correct they have 3 AND 4 AND 5 correct. Is there still anybody that buys wheeling lottery software? If there is I can give them a good price on the Eiffel Tower.

The way I came up with the number sets is 'top secret', at least for now. I was trying to ask the Team to modify the program a little to accomodate it but I don't think they are gonna do that soon as they are trying to get the One-Click function ready.

But there is no need to despair. I spent plenty of hours on the number sets for this week's $90,000,000 EuroMillions lottery draw and I'm nearly ready. Don't forget to pickup your free lottery syndicate entries before Friday's draw.

Give me your comments but stay cool, calm and collected and don't tell anybody!

LotWin Guru

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