Increasing low to mid range returns in the lottery game – Part 2

by LotwinGuru 16. July 2008 16:48

If you haven’t read part 1 of this post do it now by clicking here.

So lotteries don’t pay for 1 or 2 numbers correct and they only distribute 50% or less from the money they take.

But there are companies that know everything about odds and operate with very small margins. They are called bookmakers and a few years ago they got into the lottery games knowing that they could attract a large chunk of the punters by offering way better odds for picking the right numbers. Their prizes are guaranteed and don’t depend on the number of people winning.

In the UK they even have their own lottery called 49’s and the odds they offer are as follows:
1 correct number 7 times your stake
2 correct numbers 54 times your stake
3 correct numbers 601 times your stake
4 correct numbers 8001 times your stake
5 correct numbers 150,001 times your stake

But before you rush to open accounts with bookmakers left, right and centre stop and read on. There is a lot of competition in the market so I looked around for best returns and the best odds I have found, for now, up to 33% higher, are available when you login to your account here. It is the link with the title ‘Play the lotteries the Guru plays’ or something similar. The payouts are as follows:
1 correct number 7.5 times your stake
2 correct numbers 60 times your stake
3 correct numbers 675 times your stake
4 correct numbers 10,500 times your stake
5 correct numbers 200,000 times your stake

They have a daily lotto based on European 6/49 lotteries from Portugal to Romania. They also cover EuroMillions (they call it Spanish Lotto for some legal reason I suppose) and they have guaranteed prizes in all but one categories up to 3 times as much as EuroMillions.

All that sounds too good to be true and there must be a catch somewhere, I hear you say. Well, there are a couple but it’s not as bad as you think. First catch is that you must have all the numbers you select correct; so if you play 4 numbers you don’t win anything for having 3 correct, or if you play 3 numbers you don't win anything for 2 correct.

How do you then find the true odds? Well, a line of 6 numbers can be covered with 15 lines of 4 numbers. That means you need 15 bets to cover one line of a 6/49 lottery but the payout is 10,500 times your stake so your true odds are 10,500/15 = 700 to 1. If you think that a 6/49 lottery pays around 40-50 times your stake for 4 correct your advantage is 13-17 times better return on your investment than a regular lottery. It's like winning 17 times in one draw!

Now let’s consider the case of having 5 correct playing your national 6/49 lottery. Your 15 lines of 4 with the bookmaker will have 5 lines of 4 correct that will pay out 52,500 times your stake per line. The average payout with your lottery normally is around 1,000 to 1 but with the bookmakers you will get 5 x 10,500 = 52,500 divided by 15 lines = 3,500 times your investment, which is 3.5 times more money than your lottery.

So the first catch is not much of a problem really. I usually go for lines with 3 or 4 numbers with some lines of 2. The reason is that if I only get one line of 2 correct I will get 60 times my stake which will cover all my investment for this draw and a few draws to follow.

The second catch is that bookmakers usually don’t pay top prize or there is a limit of around £1,000,000. This is probably a reason that many people stick with their national lottery in the hope of becoming millionaires overnight and as a consequence they get the worst odds most of the time. But this is the wrong way to look at it and there is a way around this which I use when a jackpot is quite a few million pounds.

The solution is to play with both for those draws. The minimum cost per line with the bookmakers can be 1/4 or less than the cost of any 6/49 lottery. Having a line with 2 numbers correct at bookmaker odds can return your investment in both and you are still in with a chance for the 10,000,000+ jackpot.

So there you have it; you have paid off your mortgage, the kids have left home, you have booked your holidays for next year, time to have some fun. Login to your account and get ready to play with better odds when it's appropriate.

Next, how do I use the LotWin lottery software to create entries with 2, 3 or 4 numbers?

To be continued…

LotWin Guru

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