This is how it's done. Results of the new experimental system

by LotwinGuru 26. June 2008 00:44

I thought I'd try my new found strategy (see yesterday's post here) on Wednesday's Thunderball lottery draw. Below is a screenshot from LotWin (the lottery software for enlightened minds).

LotWin software

The 28,676 lines produced by the strategy had the jackpot! Statistics, and I emphasize the word for some reason, say chances of 5 correct are 1 in ~300,000.

Optimum Reduction used for Guarantee 2 correct. Chances of 3 correct in ThunderBall are 1 in 74. What do you think? Does it look good?

Well, there will be a few that say you have written the post after the results and this is true. But would I try to mislead you, scam you or feed you false information? See below and tell me.

The Winning Ticket

Reminder: If you have not picked up your free syndicate ticket Now is the time, otherwise you will end up writing comments in youtube about how miserable everything is and that everybody is against you.

LotWin Guru

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