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by LotwinGuru 10. July 2008 19:07

I have left you for a few days, my holidays are very important as you can understand, and you've all been very quiet. You are supposed to help each other, post your latest ideas and suggestions so we can win the jackpot soon.

So I was looking at the sunrise early this morning from the balcony in the villa (I know it looks like a sunset but it is the sunrise)


and I was thinking of ways I can help you more with your quest to win the lottery.

I've been told that the one-click version should be ready soon and the good people at LotWin, the lottery software par excellence, have incorporated my request for sorting the 'Number Statistics', 'Pair Statistics' and 'Triad Statistics' pages.

Number Sorting

You will find this function very useful because you can see from there how often, numbers, pairs and triads repeat so you can eliminate/include them from/in your combinations.

For example in the above image you can see that in the last EuroMillions draw 3 pairs had never appeared before, 4 had appeared between 4 and 32 draws ago and then 2 pairs appeared 109 draws ago and the last one 185 draws ago. In the triads screen 9 out of the 10 possible triads never appeared before. There are a lot of lines there to be eliminated.

In the meantime as I'm sitting by the pool appreciating the beauty of this planet with the Alps in the background (I cannot believe there is still some snow there or is it low cloud?)


I thought it will be a good idea to give you some more free tickets for different lotteries. So I decided, from next week, to have more entries for all of you two or even three times a week for lotteries like Loto 2 Portugal(Monday), Duzy Lotek Poland(Tuesday), Loto France(Wednesday), La Primitiva Spain(Thursday), EuroMillins(Friday), Loto Greece(Saturday) and maybe even Loto Romania(Sunday).

The only thing is that you have to check your account regularly as you might have less than 20 hours to select your entries.

Now, where is the Piz Buin 25?

LotWin Guru


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