Is lottery software a scam? Response to er876897 for my youtube video

by LotwinGuru 25. June 2008 15:18

I have put up some of the lottery videos for LotWin I created on youtube and below is one of the responses I have received. Youtube only allows 500 characters so I have moved all the text and my latest response below. The original youtube page is:

er876897 (22 hours ago)
haha what a scam, everyone whose watching this just give me $100 instead and i'll tell you what numbers to pick, your odds will be EXACTLY THE SAME of winning since the previous draws have absolutely NO EFFECT on what numbers will come in the future

lotwinguru (21 hours ago)
You obviously don't understand what the program is doing and your understanding of numbers is as good as those that believed that the earth is flat and in the centre of the universe. Evolution is slow; maybe that's a good thing...

er876897 (1 hour ago)
maybe I don't understand what the program does exactly, but, if it claims to do anything to increase your odds of winning then it is a total scam. I know this because I have taken many statistics and math courses in university. Let me ask you this, does this program use any previous winning lottery numbers to "predict" a future lottery outcome? Because if it does, then it is a scam. Please explain if you think differently.

lotwinguru (now) (always in the Now)
Well, you are university educated in maths and statistics and they told you all the things you ‘need to know’; excellent. So, what you’ve learned there is that you can call something a scam without looking at it but because 'lottery' or some other offensive word to your physce was mentioned. Congratulations, you have a great future in last century’s politics. Somehow the word ‘conditioning’ comes to mind.

First of all I’ve been using this lottery software for a few years (and others before that) and I know most (not all) of the things it can do. I have a website where I talk about it and give people tips and ideas on how to use the program.

But let’s get in to your argument. The software does not predict anything as yet, although a predict function would be useful to see someone else’s take on a particular set of statistics. What it does is billions of calculations in seconds that could not have been done in a million years any other way and surprise! it gives you lots of statistics. But why am I telling you this, you’ve done statistics and you should know all about them. And what do you, as the observer of the statistics do with it? Did I hear you say ‘you use statistics to predict things’? Why would you do that? That would be a scam; previous events don't influence future ones. I kept telling everybody that the BBC weather man was a scam artist, but they wouldn't listen to me!

Without innovative people, over the centuries, that create amazing algorithms you’ll still be writing your C.V. in stone tablets trying to get low-paid job in the new cave. You have to be careful in the choice of words you use as there is too much competition for a job in a tabloid and I don’t fancy your chances highly there either.

Now, you can prove to the world that the money for your education was not wasted by coming to my website to read what other people say, by trying an evaluation copy of the lottery software or by offering an apology for libelling something you knew absolutely nothing about. Then we can all be proud of you, your teachers and the education system.

By the way, I offer all the users of the LotWin program (that is, users that have already bought the program, this is not an incentive) free lottery entries sometimes because I want to, I enjoy it and I can afford it. I’m certain one day you too will do something rewarding.

LotWin Guru

p.s. feel free to add your comments but don’t let the egoic mind take over. Don’t forget there is abundance for everyone but you have to give first so you can receive.

p.p.s. High quality of the youtube videos here

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