How to create your own filters using LotWin 'The' lottery software Part 2

by LotwinGuru 20. October 2008 12:49

If you haven’t read the first part of this post do it now.

We are going to use the EuroMillions lottery but the same principle applies to any lottery. Start by splitting the numbers of your lottery in to a few groups. How many groups you use is up to you but I would suggest 6 to 10 groups. So here are my 6 groups for EuroMillions:

Group 1: 1 3 7 11 12 19 37 50
Group 2: 2 13 22 30 31 34 42 43 48
Group 3: 3 9 14 15 21 25 44 45
Group 4: 4 6 8 10 26 29 36 41
Group 5: 5 16 27 35 38 40 47 49
Group 6: 17 18 20 24 28 32 33 39 46

Go to the ‘Number Filter’ in the main LotWin screen and double-click on ‘Number Sets’. In the first set select the Group 1 numbers and set ‘Include no more than 3 and at least 2’. Click ‘Next Set’ and select Group 2 numbers with the same settings ‘3 and 2’. Repeat for the rest of the Groups. Click OK and then click on ‘Options’ in the main screen and select ‘Accept entries which fail up to 4 and at least 4 number sets from 6’. That’s it, we have a new filter for EuroMillions in the form of 3-2-0-0-0 and here it is if you want to just copy and paste it in to LotWin using the ‘Line Builder’ menu option ‘Paste Filter Set’ More...

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How to create your own filters using LotWin 'The' lottery software Part 1

by LotwinGuru 2. October 2008 15:33

Hi everyone it's nice to be back after the summer holidays. The financial situation is not as good as I would like it to be and I'm sure you had some worries over the last couple of months with the way things are going. I'm down telephone numbers on the value of my properties but at the end of the day it's only money and as we know 'money is not everything' and as we said in the first teaching “you don’t need money to be happy but you do need to be happy to make money”.

So let's be happy and appreciative of being on this planet; exploring all the physical things that it does provide us with and make some money to extend our experience on the physical, whilst at the same time we improve our consciousness and lower our entropy. More...

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I told you LotWin One-Click was worth waiting for...

by LotwinGuru 30. July 2008 12:57

I'll keep it quick and simple as I'm working on the next draw for the syndicate.

For yesterday's draw, Polish Duzy Lotek 29th July, I used the new One-Click function in our beloved LotWin 2008 lottery software for the first time and below are the results: More...

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