Analysis of Friday's (the 13th) Euro-Millions lottery draw

by LotwinGuru 14. June 2008 11:03

There were four obvious filters that had to be followed for last night's draw: Odd-Even, Low-High, Consecutive, and Width of Line

EuroMillion Filters 13 June 2008

Setting just 2-3 correct reduced the lines to one third of the total: More...

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LotWin puts you in Control, not in a Wheel

by LotwinGuru 14. May 2008 12:49

Many lottery users searching for lottery software come across LotWin look at the price tag and run away or send emails to the LotWin team saying “how can you charge so much, I can buy this or that lottery program for only $50”.

This might seem a valid question to the average player at first glance but the average user cannot understand the difference of LotWin compared to any other lottery program. So I thought I will enlighten them (Guru, enlightenment, get it?)

Most lottery programs use a process called wheeling of which there  are many types that I will not go into details (full wheel, abbreviated, open…). That is if you select a group of numbers there is a subset of lines that will give you a certain guarantee of x correct if your numbers are correct in the first place. More...

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A visit to LotWin HQ pays dividends

by LotwinGuru 21. April 2008 14:48

I've just come back from a visit to LotWin HQ this morning and I found the guys there working full throttle on more new stuff.

They wouldn't go in to much details but I managed to get a short video for you.

Have a look and tell me what you think.

LotWin Guru

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