15 entries for each one of you for tomorrow's Loto 2 Portugal draw

by LotwinGuru 13. July 2008 21:33

Quick, login to your account and get them before they disappear. They are for tomorrow's 14th July draw based on the Portugal Loto 2.

These are not your usual lottery entries. They are for 3 and 4 correct. They pay 675/1 for all 3 correct and 10,500/1 for all 4 correct. If you want to learn more login to your account and click on the link. More...

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What more can I do for you?

by LotwinGuru 10. July 2008 19:07

I have left you for a few days, my holidays are very important as you can understand, and you've all been very quiet. You are supposed to help each other, post your latest ideas and suggestions so we can win the jackpot soon.

So I was looking at the sunrise early this morning from the balcony in the villa (I know it looks like a sunset but it is the sunrise)


and I was thinking of ways I can help you more with your quest to win the lottery. More...


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This is how it's done. Results of the new experimental system

by LotwinGuru 26. June 2008 00:44

I thought I'd try my new found strategy (see yesterday's post here) on Wednesday's Thunderball lottery draw. Below is a screenshot from LotWin (the lottery software for enlightened minds).

LotWin software

The 28,676 lines produced by the strategy had the jackpot! Statistics, and I emphasize the word for some reason, say chances of 5 correct are 1 in ~300,000. More...

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