Powerball 19 Apr 2008

by LotwinGuru 17. April 2008 23:50

'Winning Filters' is a very powerful function in LotWin so I thought I will take you through it and generate some filters for the next Powerball draw that is $105,000,000.

There are a few variables that can help you select a good set of filters. First you can set the number of past draws that you want to as the base for the filters. So let's select the last 100 draws from the Setup button and in the upcoming screen not only we can see combinations of filters that had 'x' number of jackpots over the past draws but by clicking Load Filters have a filter set to start with. I selected the set of 4 filters that had all correct numbers 13 times starting 14-16-17-31-39... draws ago.

Now go to the 'Options' button and select up to 4 filter to fail. That will give you the ability to go back to these 4 filters and 'Lock' them, meaning that whatever fail conditions and additional filters you enter later you want these 4 filter categories to pass.

Back to the 'Winning Filters'. You will see that the filters sets displayed this time are totally different from before. The reason is that LotWin now shows all the winning filter sets from the last 100 draws that would have won even if up to 4 filter categories had failed. LotWin shows me 851 filter sets including a set of 7 filters that won 78 out of the last 100 draws.

 Click 'Load Filters' but this time instead of 'Replace' click 'Add'. The new filters will be added to the ones you already have. The filters that are locked and 'have to' pass have an asterisk on the left hand side of the screen.

Use 'copy and paste filter set' to try the set I created below:

Category 0, group 3
Category 1, group 2
Category 3, group 0
Category 3, group 1
Category 5, group 4
Category 6, group 0
Category 7, group 0
Category 7, group 1
Category 29, group 2
Category 9, group 0
Category 9, group 1
Category 10, group 1
Category 12, group 0
Category 23, group 4
Category 24, group 6
Category 25, group 4
Category 26, group 0
Category 26, group 1
Category 26, group 6

Add some 'Number Sets', use 'Optimum Reduction', select bonus number(s) and you might be on your way to $105,000,000. Good luck.

LotWin Guru

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