Winning the lottery might be easy, after all

by LotwinGuru 9. April 2008 14:03

The ink has not yet dried on Mr King's cheque of $75,000 from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation and one of my students emailed me with the good news of his latest win with LotWin 2008. Here is his email.

Dear Guru

It is Wednesday Night in Sydney Australia. I have just got result for Wednesday Draw . I have Won Again.

I started with 17 Numbers, I used Five 9 Vertical Filters to get original set of 366 Lines. I could not afford to play all 366 lines so I used Optimum Reduction and that gave me 28 Lines. There was only ONE SINGLE WINNING LINE in 366 Lines, and this Winning Line appeared in the 28 Lines. I cannot describe how good Lotwin 2008 is, that is making me win all the time.

Thanks Dimitris for your Best LotWin 2008. Guru Your teaching is like Magnificent Seven Movie.

It has become my habbit of winning regularly.

 [LWed Filters 32716L 17N28L Opt Red  9 April 2008]6.1
Category 12, group 2
Category 12, group 3
Category 12, group 5
Category 12, group 6
Category 12, group 7
Category 12, group 9
Category 18, group 1,6,6,2,4,9,10,14,16,18,19,20,21,24,26,29,31,32,34,38



Well done Ahs22m, the jackpot is not far now.

Make the most of your lottery entries with the 'Optimum Reduction'. It is a very special function. Some other programs use wheeling to give you a guarantee but this only works with a specific set of numbers, LotWin has never used wheeling to give you a guaranteed reduction. The 'Optimum Reduction' can reduce ANY set of lines Real-Time even if it includes all the numbers in your lottery.

LotWin Guru

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