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by LotwinGuru 14. May 2008 12:49

Many lottery users searching for lottery software come across LotWin look at the price tag and run away or send emails to the LotWin team saying “how can you charge so much, I can buy this or that lottery program for only $50”.

This might seem a valid question to the average player at first glance but the average user cannot understand the difference of LotWin compared to any other lottery program. So I thought I will enlighten them (Guru, enlightenment, get it?)

Most lottery programs use a process called wheeling of which there  are many types that I will not go into details (full wheel, abbreviated, open…). That is if you select a group of numbers there is a subset of lines that will give you a certain guarantee of x correct if your numbers are correct in the first place.

For example if I was to select 20 numbers in a 6 ball lottery there is a subset of 10 lines that will guarantee 3 correct. The 10 lines are:

01 02 04 06 10 19
01 02 10 12 16 19
01 04 06 10 12 16
02 04 06 12 16 19
03 05 07 13 15 20
03 05 08 09 11 17
03 05 13 14 15 18
07 08 11 14 18 20
07 09 14 17 18 20
08 09 11 13 15 17

If you had selected 20 numbers from 1-20 the lines above are the ones that will give that guarantee. If your numbers are not from 1 to 20 you can use the above as a template and replace the numbers with yours. For example if you had selected 1, 5, 7, 8, 12, 14, 17, 19, 22, 25, 26, 29, 32, 36, 39, 42, 44, 45, 47, 49 the first line above would become:

01 05 08 14 25 47
and so on.

These wheels have been developed over long periods of time mostly by hand, you can find them over the Internet and books have been written about them.

A lot of people have written lottery software by taking these wheels and hard-coding those in to their software so when you enter your selected numbers they will immediately give you the subset that corresponds to your chosen numbers and the guarantee that you have asked for. There is nothing wrong with buying their software if this is what you are looking for and paying $50-$100 as long as you understand what you are getting.

When LotWin appeared on the Internet, 10 years ago, all these companies looked at the LotWin filters and they thought “This looks good, we can also add filters on our software” and they did.

That was a serious mistake and I’m not sure that their users understand what the serious flaw in this process is. If we take the above set of 10 lines and then select Odd-Even filters of 2-4, 3-3 and 4-2 we end up with these lines:

01 02 04 06 10 19
01 02 10 12 16 19
03 05 13 14 15 18
07 08 11 14 18 20
07 09 14 17 18 20

You would think, “that’s great, I’ve reduced my outlay by 50%.and if this filter appears I’m guaranteed that I will have at least 3 correct”.

Wrong!!! You only have a 75% or less chance of 3 correct even if the filters you have selected do come up. For example take the line 3 4 9 12 15 16 that has 3 Odd 3 Even. As you can see this and many other lines don’t have 3 correct.

Do you still want to add filters to wheels? How happy are you now with your investment in that wheeling program that has all these filters that look similar to the ones in LotWin?

Thankfully for us LotWin does not work like that and the reason is because the LotWin team developed the algorithms needed to go through all the possible lines in seconds and select only the ones that fit your criteria. Once you are happy with your filters you can use the Standard or Optimum reductions with the myriad of options they have to come up with a subset of lines that will guarantee what you have asked for.

This is basically the concept of real-time reductions I was referring to in a previous post.

In my opinion the price of LotWin is extremely low for what it does. After my failed attempt to acquire the company for a healthy six figure sum I tried to persuade them to increase their prices as I would have done. The outright-purchase version should be at least $2,000 as it includes all updates for ever. They said they will think about it.

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