A $2,000,000 BC49 Jackpot just around the corner

by LotwinGuru 7. April 2008 14:32

I have barely started my 'teachings' and a LotWin user was knocking at the jackpot door in the Canadian BC49 game.

As you have probably know by now LotWin user Mr King had 5 and the bonus in the 6/49 BC49 game after an 'Optimum Reduction' for 'Maximum Returns' of the original 6,000 lines.

He started with 30 numbers, around 600,000 lines and after adding over 100 filters, LotWin gave him the 6,000 lines main set that included the $2,000,000 jackpot.

One hundred filters, WOW!, now this is something that shows us a couple of things that I was referring to in a previous teaching. You have to be in the NOW. Clear your mind of any mental noise that will stop you from focusing in the present moment. I had winnings in the past that came out of 50-60 filters but 100? I don't know how many hours I would need to meditate to get in that state.

So he gets in to 6,000 lines and then not only he puts them through the 'Optimum Reduction', a very wise move indeed, but also sets it for 'Maximum Returns'. According to my calculation the 'Optimum Reduction' would have been for 3 correct but such is the beauty of LotWin reducing any set of lines real-time that he ends up with 5 plus the bonus and a check for $75,000.

Well done Mr King and as I said before we will get at least one millionaire out of the LotWin users before the end of the year.

Read more about his win here.

To celebrate his win I will offer again this week the free syndicate entries to LotWin users for the $66,000,000 Euromillions draw. Don't forget to select your entries here before Friday the 11th at 18:00 BST.

LotWin Guru

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