Analysis of our lines and draw for the EuroMillions lottery 20th June 2008

by LotwinGuru 21. June 2008 12:25

Both our 'locked filters' came up plus the number set of 6 numbers for the 2nd ball in the draw (blue background) having all 5 numbers correct in just 97,512 lines (only 4.6% of all possible lottery combinations) for the EuroMillions draw ($68,000,000) of the 20th of June. We are using LotWin's lottery software in case you didn't know.

Euromillions Results 20 June 2008

Then I probably went a bit too far trying to halve this to 45,241 lines (2.135% of all lotto lines) by also adding a number set for the 1st ball. More...

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What we are playing in EuroMillions 20th June 2008 for $70,000,000

by LotwinGuru 17. June 2008 15:13

In forex trading we say "the trend is your friend" and it has worked well up until now but I ain't gonna follow this for Friday's EuroMillions draw.

Using lottery software par excellence LotWin 2008 Lottery Line Builder (the version that you cannot have yet) I'm NOT selecting consecutive 1-1-1-1-1 and I'm locking the following filters:

Consecutive filter

and Sum of Digits 1-1-1-1-1: More...

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EuroMillions 18 Apr 2008

by LotwinGuru 15. April 2008 17:23

It would have been very disappointing for a mere mortal to see so few of the free lottery entries being picked up by the users that are entitled to get them. But not for me, I'm the Guru remember? as I know that you make your own karma so I will cut down on the available tickets. See the post for 11 Apr, all 5 correct numbers were in the filter set given. Pity about the bonus.

So let's get on with today's business. I have used around 60 filters altogether in different combinations and I keep coming back to most of the numbers being in the High range. Now it might be that this will be the numbers for next week or the week after but the Jackpot is over $90,000,000 so let's give it a try. Adding it all together it comes to a simple set of filters below: More...

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