Can I win in every lottery draw for my lotto?

by LotwinGuru 19. June 2008 18:35

Often the quetion arises if it would be possible to find a set of lines that would have won in every draw.

With the help of our beloved lottery software LotWIn Lottery Line Builder it is easy. I have done this for you for the UK National Lottery and here is the list of the best lines available sorted in order of number of wins:

Best UK lottery lines

In red you can see the total number of times each line has won a prize. In total this set is 66 lines and it had 1 jackpot, 3 lines of 5, 129 lines of 4 and 2,142 lines of 3 correct. More...


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What we are playing in EuroMillions 20th June 2008 for $70,000,000

by LotwinGuru 17. June 2008 15:13

In forex trading we say "the trend is your friend" and it has worked well up until now but I ain't gonna follow this for Friday's EuroMillions draw.

Using lottery software par excellence LotWin 2008 Lottery Line Builder (the version that you cannot have yet) I'm NOT selecting consecutive 1-1-1-1-1 and I'm locking the following filters:

Consecutive filter

and Sum of Digits 1-1-1-1-1: More...

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Analysis of Friday's (the 13th) Euro-Millions lottery draw

by LotwinGuru 14. June 2008 11:03

There were four obvious filters that had to be followed for last night's draw: Odd-Even, Low-High, Consecutive, and Width of Line

EuroMillion Filters 13 June 2008

Setting just 2-3 correct reduced the lines to one third of the total: More...

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