EuroMillions 18 Apr 2008

by LotwinGuru 15. April 2008 17:23

It would have been very disappointing for a mere mortal to see so few of the free lottery entries being picked up by the users that are entitled to get them. But not for me, I'm the Guru remember? as I know that you make your own karma so I will cut down on the available tickets. See the post for 11 Apr, all 5 correct numbers were in the filter set given. Pity about the bonus.

So let's get on with today's business. I have used around 60 filters altogether in different combinations and I keep coming back to most of the numbers being in the High range. Now it might be that this will be the numbers for next week or the week after but the Jackpot is over $90,000,000 so let's give it a try. Adding it all together it comes to a simple set of filters below: More...

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EuroMillions 11 Apr 2008

by LotwinGuru 8. April 2008 13:21

Euromillions is a healthy £33,000,000 this week and there are a few filters that are just waiting for you to pick them.

The most likely ones for the next 2-4 draws are:

Odd -Even 2-3

Low-High 2-3

Width of Line 5-30

Sum of Line 101-120

Here is the full list; copy and paste in to LotWin 2008 More...

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A $2,000,000 BC49 Jackpot just around the corner

by LotwinGuru 7. April 2008 14:32

I have barely started my 'teachings' and a LotWin user was knocking at the jackpot door in the Canadian BC49 game.

As you have probably know by now LotWin user Mr King had 5 and the bonus in the 6/49 BC49 game after an 'Optimum Reduction' for 'Maximum Returns' of the original 6,000 lines.

He started with 30 numbers, around 600,000 lines and after adding over 100 filters, LotWin gave him the 6,000 lines main set that included the $2,000,000 jackpot.

One hundred filters, WOW!, now this is something that shows us a couple of things that I was More...

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