Lottery Numbers and the Egoic Mind

by LotwinGuru 30. March 2008 17:39

So you want to win the lottery. Why shouldn’t you? So many people have become millionaires by getting the jackpot and the number is only increasing every week by a few hundred. There are 3 main categories of winners. The ones that will spend all the money they won in search of happiness, the ones that will put it away for a rainy day and be very careful with what they spend so it will last them until they depart this human existence and the others; those are the ones that their big win will not have an effect on their life (they are already happy with themselves), their relatives, friends, neighbours might never know about it.

There are no official statistics on the mindset of big winners but with hundreds of people becoming millionaires every week from the lottery around the world how many do you hear or read about in the papers? Very few indeed. More...

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